BlueDevils News · Let’s Meet Senior Athlete Emily George

What Sports did you Play at Independence High School? 

A:  2 Years of Football Cheerleading 

What are your Athletic Accomplishments?

A:  Most Improved 2018, Blue Devil Award 2019-20

What is your Best Memory about competing in a Blue Devil Uniform?

A:  Cheering at Friday night football games

Who made the Greatest Impact on You as a Blue Devil Athlete?

A: Mrs. Stefanski. I joined cheer later in my years and she encouraged me and made me proud to be a cheerleader

What will you miss most about being a Blue Devil Athlete?

A:  Having pride in wearing that uniform and representing IHS

What other Extra-curricular Activities did you participate in while at IHS?

A:  Drama Club, Student Council, Prom Committee, PEAT

What Advice do you have for your Teammates?

A: Never quit keep going and be a good example to the community

What Advice do you have for Future Blue Devils?

A: Take pride in being a blue devil

What are your Future Plans?

A: Attend BGSU as a marketing major

Any Final Words?

A: I am so blessed and happy to have grown up a Blue Devil and that I was able to represent my school as a cheerleader. It is something I will always remember and I will always have IPRIDE