BlueDevils News · Let’s Meet IHS Senior Athlete: Thomas Ceculski

What Sport(s) did you Play at Independence High School? 

A: 4 Years of Basketball

What are your Athletic Accomplishments?

A: Coach’s Award, Academic Athlete, 4x Varsity

Do you hold any IHS Records?

A: Maybe the single season charge record

What is your Best Memory about competing in a Blue Devil Uniform?

A: Winning the Sectional Final, on our home floor, for the first time since 2000!

Who made the Greatest Impact on You as a Blue Devil Athlete?

A: Kyle Johnson taught me that working hard brings success. Winning is fun!

What will you miss most about being a Blue Devil Athlete?

A: The team aspect. I will never get to play on the floor with any of my guys again as a high school athlete.

What other Extra-curricular Activities did you participate in while at IHS?


What Advice do you have for your Teammates?

A: Stay grimey boys.

What Advice do you have for Future Blue Devils?

A: Have fun while you can, time flies bye. It will be gone before you know it.

What are your Future Plans?

A: Attend college while studying physical therapy or athletic training.