BlueDevils News · Let’s Meet IHS Senior Athlete: Reni Kaiser

What Sports did you Play at Independence High School? 

A: 4 Years of Soccer, 4 Years of Basketball, 2 Years of Softball, 1 Year of Track and Field

What are your Athletic Accomplishments?

A: Soccer: Captain, all greater Cleveland honorable mention and second team honors, conference champions, sectional champions, district champions, regional runner-ups

Basketball: Back to Back Conference Champions, sectional champions

What is your Best Memory about competing in a Blue Devil Uniform?

A: Grand Valley Soccer Game overtime and making it to regional finals for soccer and making history.

What are you most looking forward to about this current season – Track?

A: Trying new things and hanging with friends

Who made the Greatest Impact on You as a Blue Devil Athlete?

A: My basketball coach, because I felt like I could trust him, and he made me laugh.

What will you miss most about being a Blue Devil Athlete?

A: The games, the bonding experience that I wouldn’t have talked to a few people without sports.

What other Extra-curricular Activities did you participate in while at IHS?

A: Marching band, student council, and morning announcements

What Advice do you have for your Teammates?

A: Stay connected and look after each other.

What Advice do you have for Future Blue Devils?

A: Make friends with teammates and realize that the drama off court/field should not be brought to the team when bonding.

What are your Future Plans?

A: College, getting a degree