BlueDevils News · Let’s Meet IHS Senior Athlete: Antigone Tschetter

What Sports did you Play at Independence High School? 

A: 4 Years of Football Cheerleading, 1 Year of Basketball Cheerleading and 2 Years of Track

What are your Athletic Accomplishments?

A: Football Cheerleading: Earned my varsity letter, was captain of the cheer team, and received academic athlete award.

What is your Best Memory about competing in a Blue Devil Uniform?

A: Senior night for cheerleading was an amazing experience and I’m so thankful for my amazing team and coaches. 

What are you most looking forward to about this current season – Track?

I was very excited to try out different events in track, for example long jump.

Who made the Greatest Impact on You as a Blue Devil Athlete?

A: Josie Lee had the biggest impact on me because not only is she the most amazing friend ever, she’s also an incredible athlete who has participated in almost every sport offered and constantly shows her work ethic and good spirit. She taught me a positive attitude is the most important thing you can have and it helped me enjoy being an athlete a lot more. 

What will you miss most about being a Blue Devil Athlete?

A: I’m going to miss the bonding that comes along with being part of a team and the excitement of game day. 

What other Extra-curricular Activities did you participate in while at IHS?

A: I am a member of NHS, DFCA, and prom committee. 

What Advice do you have for your Teammates?

A: All of my teammates have been great friends to me and my advice would be to put forth the most positive attitude you can.

What Advice do you have for Future Blue Devils?

A: Don’t take any games and practices, good or bad, for granted because when I look back on all my seasons I am so grateful for every part and also remember to put your best attitude out there. 

What are your Future Plans?

A: I plan on attending Ohio State University and majoring in English and going on to attend law school. 

Any Final Words?

A: I really hope we can still have a few track practices and maybe even a meet!